What we do

We have competitive equipment for the rapid production of large batches. Our capacities for bulk goods, which we use for the production of high-quality medicines, are correspondingly extensive. Bulk stands for the pharmacological batch-ready mixing and supply of ready-to-fill medicines via fixed tank connections for large batches or mobile containers in smaller batch sizes. 

At our site, we have an extraction and blending capacity of over 1,300 tonnes of bulk liquids per year. Batch sizes from 100 to 10,000 litres can be provided for filling.


Pharmaceutically non-sterile liquid medicinal products play an essential role in our product portfolio. We process both plant-based (phyto) and chemically defined active substances. The range of administration forms includes juices, syrups, drops, nasal sprays and drops as well as suspensions and emulsions.

The container and application forms that we can manufacture are diverse: For example, we produce products with pouring, spray and application aids or screw caps with or without child safety locks. Less common containers, made of glass or rigid plastics, can also be produced in many sizes and quantities.

We fill around 1,000,000 litres of liquid goods annually using our state-of-the-art high-performance facilities.

Semi-solid forms

Our semi-solid pharmaceutical forms are generally intended for dermal application. These include creams, ointments and gels, which we fill and package in tubes on site for final consumption. 

Homogeneous preparations from a simple or compound base – in which one or more active substances are usually dissolved or dispersed – are possible. Depending on the composition, the base can influence the effect of the preparation.

Our quality standards

Our plant and laboratory are state-of-the-art, which means that we meet the highest requirements in terms of product and occupational safety. The same applies to the GMP standards to which all Aristo Pharma Group sites are committed. We also have a licence to process substances covered by the Narcotics Act.

Laboratory analyses

In addition to carrying out routine and industry-standard quality tests, we also develop new analytical methods and conduct stability tests for our third-party customers. Recipe adaptations and improvements, scale-up trials and technical transfers are also part of our product portfolio. 

This allows us to offer the complete portfolio of a modern pharmaceutical company in the laboratory area.

Our Services

What we also offer

Our wide-ranging services are also available to other pharmaceutical companies. These range from all aspects of order processing to product development and analytical procedures.

Process optimisation

One area of constant innovation is the maintenance and improvement of our existing portfolio. The focus here is on optimised, gentler manufacturing processes on the one hand and on environmental and efficiency aspects while ensuring product quality on the other.

Method and technology transfer

We provide support from the formulation of the active ingredient, the selection of suitable primary/secondary packaging, choice of application aids and the preparation and conduct of clinical trials through to the smooth scale-up of commercial production.

Storage and logistics

Both the raw materials and the ready-to-use medicinal products, including narcotics, are stored strictly in accordance with applicable safety and hygiene regulations.


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