About us

This is Pharma Wernigerode

At Pharma Wernigerode, we look back on a pharmaceutical tradition that has grown over 120 years. Yet we keep our sights firmly on the future – thanks to annual investments in the technological and qualitative further development of our site. The high-quality medicines that we manufacture on behalf of Aristo Pharma and on behalf of various third-party customers make an important contribution to healthcare in Germany. At the same time, our products enjoy high demand in other countries.

Of central importance in all our activities are the approximately 130 employees from Wernigerode and the surrounding area: Their willingness to work hard and their specific know-how in the extraction of plant-based active substances form the basis of our success.

Our role within the Aristo Pharma Group

Aristo Pharma was founded in 2008 from the merger of various traditional German pharmaceutical companies, some of whose roots go back to 1875. Today, Aristo Pharma's core business is the production and distribution of sought-after active ingredients in the generics market, which are usually marketed under their own brand. The independent production sets the group apart from most German pharmaceutical suppliers. In addition, the broad range of prescription and over-the-counter medicines extends from tried-and-tested herbal medicines to modern medical products and aids.

The composition of the Aristo Pharma Group is as diverse as its product portfolio: In addition to the company headquarters in Berlin, the group comprises five production sites – in Hilden, Wernigerode, twice in the German capital Berlin and in Madrid - as well as its own logistics centre in Osterweddingen. This makes Aristo Pharma stand out as one of the few suppliers in Germany that manufacture their medicines predominantly in Germany or Europe.

Together with the 14 distribution sites throughout Europe, the company can draw on the know-how of more than 1,600 employees. They all make a valuable contribution to the success of the Aristo Pharma Group's mission: the reliable and affordable supply of high-quality medicines.

One of the strengths of the Aristo Pharma Group lies in diversification and specification. Thus, each manufacturing site has an expert status that is reflected in the production of specific dosage forms, the use of special active ingredients or the production of high batch sizes. At Pharma Wernigerode, the focus is on the extraction of herbal substances for the production of highly effective phytopharmaceuticals. In addition, Pharma Wernigerode is the only manufacturer of liquid and semi-solid medicinal products to round off the portfolio of the Aristo Pharma Group.

Pharma Wernigerode then and now

Our history

In 1903 Johannes Bürger founded the “Chemical Laboratory Wernigerode am Harz” – the forerunner of our present company. The pharmacist develops a process to obtain a remedy for treating the heart muscle from fresh red foxglove. Thus phytopharmaceuticals have played a leading role in the company’s history from the very beginning.

In 1953, the factory is converted into a state-owned enterprise (VEB).

The foundation stone of the current site in Dornbergweg is laid in 1971 – the new factory is equipped with production and finishing facilities that were state-of-the-art for the time.

Altes Fabrikgebäude aus dem Jahr 1928

In the course of the reunification in 1990, Pharma Wernigerode GmbH splits off as an independent company. 

In 2006, the site becomes part of the Aristo Pharma Group. The focus on the extraction of plant-based active substances remains. 

From the mid-2010s, high investments serve the successive modernisation. Storage capacities are increased with a new hall in 2015. In 2017, a high-performance filling line is installed. The following year, the main production areas are expanded – thanks to a new building too.